A Few Top Websites Builder Options for eCommerce

A Few Top Websites Builder Options for eCommerce

Let’s be clear – the website builder you select for your eCommerce website has a very important effect on customer satisfaction. The good news is that there are many great websites builder options for eCommerce out there. We have created a short list of the best options you have.


Wix was one of the leaders in the world of website builders a few years ago. This platform was focused on flash-based websites and these websites were very popular in the past. However, after some period of time, website owners started avoiding flash-based site builders and that’s why Wix experienced a decline in popularity. Luckily, they didn’t stick to this technology and created an opportunity for every user to build HTML5/Javascript-based websites.

Wix relies on the well-known drag and drop concept. In other words, users can drag different elements anywhere on the screen. In this way, the process of creating a website is much simpler. In addition, this drag and drop concept allows people to design a modern website even if they don’t have an idea about how coding works. The only downside is that Wix doesn’t let you create a fully mobile-friendly website. The latest news has confirmed that the team behind Wix is working on this. In any case, if you use Wix make sure that your website is optimized for mobile users.


Now here’s another example of a successful websites builder that has been around for a while. One of the best things about Weebly is that this platform is very easy to use. So, it is possible to build a complete online store and adjust it to your needs in a matter of minutes and you don’t have to be a programmer to do this.

In order to create a website, all you have to do is drag and drop different elements in an adequate position. Just put them in the suitable rows and columns.


Finally, we will end this list of top websites builder options with Squarespace. This is a very flexible builder rich in different features. This website has dozens of templates that have specific structures. You can also customize these templates according to your needs and desires.

Don’t forget that these are just some of the options you have when you are looking for a top websites builder options. Choose one that will meet and exceed your needs and requirements.